Our Mission

Here at Satoru Inu, we are firm believers of the next financial revolution- Cryptocurrency! Due to crypto's accelerating adoption, we've created a community-dictated token to help everyone reach their financial goals no matter how small or big! Our goal is to create a system in which society's normal people can quickly jump up and attain riches.

We plan to educate investors of all backgrounds to understand how to manage assets of all varieties and escape the indoctrinated enslavement of society- the infamous "Nine to Five". Hence, we created Satoru Enterprise, a start-up company motivated to cultivate a linear method of innovative techniques to better the monetary system of the world. We plan to educate "normies" into well-educated investors! We also plan to lead blockchain gaming on all operating systems via Web 3.0 Technology. Thanks for joining the #SatoArmy!



Reward System

Every transaction is governed with a 2% tax to automatically distribute to and reward our pocket of loyal holders. This translates to a passive income system in which your balance increases with every transaction.


Whale Defense

Another 4% is taxed to increase the liquidity pool and for the betterment of conversion rates on decentralized exhanges! This also creates Anti-Rekt to make sure whales don't have power on us.


Utility Development

The final tax of 4% is to make sure the devs will be able to match their innovative mindsets to better the project, comfort the holders, and mantain a solid overall outlook for the future.

Satoru Greatness



A Play2Earn game (IOS, Android, Windows) with awesome upgradeable characters. Created for competitive and casual play, you can play, fight, and earn $SATO while you create your MySamurai and upgrade him to the top! Explore the SatoVerse and meet with your friends in Virtual Reality!



An absolute unit! SatoruPay is a decentralized payment ecosystem in which merchants will be sanctioned to accept $SATO as well as many other cryptocurrencies as forms of payment for goods and services. Written in NodeJS ran on Kubernetes, it'll be the smoothest payments eco-system out.



A fully decentralized trading ecosystem for DeFi emphasized coins where people can trade, send, and recieve coins from any blockchain. Our irrefutable innovation will lead DeFi to cross-chain compatibility.


$SATO Moonmap is a living document that emphasizes goals the community aims to hit to continue rapid and decentralized development and future outlook!

The Satoru Team

Meet our transparent team of individuals with a range of backgrounds in areas such as Blockchain, Game Development, Marketing, Cyber Security and IT Networking.

Satoru Team


CEO & Lead Utility



CEO & Lead Utility

Knowledge with ESXi, Linux & Windows Server as well as many different programming languages such as C, Python, VB, C#, PHP and Java. Great knowledge of Ethernet-Switching (802.1q, LAG, STP/MST, VRRP) IP-Routing (OSPF, ISIS, BGP, VRF, Route Policing, QoS) IP/MPLS (VPLS, L3VPN, Inter AS, CsC). Familiarity with iOS, JunOS, and EOS (Cisco, Juniper, Arista) equipment.

I believe in security, trust and integrity and will help lead Satoru into our innovative approach to deploying our ecosystem!